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Dear friends of creativity and arts,

Herenby I would like to present you my work of art. I´d like to introduce "Art-Puzz" to you.
This page is about "art in other forms."

Why should paintable objects predominantly be rectangular?
How about a puzzle piece? Everyone knows it from childhood on.
What characterizes a puzzle?
It´s the connection of the individual parts that forms an optical unit!
It may consist of only four parts, e.g. your family, or other features like a famous band. (Beatles-Art-Puzz).

Each Art Puzz-Set is handcrafted, so it is unique piece. If you would like to have your own AP set, you can find more details on: Individual

But it can also consist of unlimited parts, so it will become infinite. And how about the content? Your hand is responsible for finishing!

This phase is for artists, painters and creative framers from the field of graphics, design as well as collectors.
Welcome if you are interested in the art project: "Endless Art-Puzz" part-to-take.
In a creative, playful and yet definite way the individual works are connected online.

The "Endless Art-Puzz" forms an interactive gallery on the web, the links define the
participant, whereby its relevance in the WEB can be increase.

The unique concept of this on + offline art project makes it exciting for participants and interested parties, nevertheless it is a
unique overall work of art. Created together by many different artists, whose individual contribution is presented online.

Another goal is to create the largest puzzle (+ picture) in the world, including a later entry in the "Guinness Book of Records".

I hope you also like this idea and I look forward if you follow this development or
even participate in it.
Become a part.

Creative greetings,
Hubert Wieneke

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