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Legal bases

Participants and founders enter into a joint contract:

Work contract
Between the participant and Hubert Wieneke, the founder of the art project;
"Art-Puzz", there is a work delivery contract.

Participants are designers or their clients, in any case buyer/ project partner the art project "Art-Puzz".
Participants who do not take over the design themselves are delegated to a second person - the designer of their choice.
Only designers who have a sufficiently high level of artistic/ artistic ability to maintain a certain quality level are accepted.

1 a: Participants' contribution and part of the project
The founder provides the basic part of the project in the form of a pre-prepared* painting ground (type and dimensions see page 3) for a fixed price of € 185.00.

Due to the *pre and co-operation, a possible resale of the completed, real and on-line part of the project concerns both parties.
In this case, the founder receives a sales share of 20% and is to be informed in advance about the buyer as well as the agreed sales price.
This also applies to sales from the following agreement:

1 b: resale
The seller has to point out to the buyer in a contract part that the "Art-Puzz Projekt" founder - Hubert Wieneke - per sold sales 20% sales share.
This is normal practice in the art trade and should avoid unfair value losses for the originator. If the participating artist does not sell his project part, the following applies:
Right of use
2 a: Basic right of use:
The buyer and participant / designer of a project part (puzzle part) may present his part, reproduce it for his own marketing and use it for media presentations.

In the case of collectors / art buyer requests, point 1 b must be observed.

2 b: Extended usage right
This applies to both contracting parties in the case of resale, see General Terms and Conditions, item 1 b.
In addition, participants / current owners of the project part agree to your participation in the case of an upcoming joint exhibition.

To do this, you will provide your project part as a temporary loan for the organization of an exhibition opening.
Delivery / return delivery

3 a: Delivery
The participant receives the preprocessed project part by mail within 7 - 14 days.
The design rules have to be adhered to, the rescuer at Art-Puzz should not take more than 2 months, afterwards 1 x reminder.
In case of non-delivery, item 4 a + b.

3 b: Returns
The return to Art-Puzz happens at your own expense, please pay attention to a sufficient insurance cover at the consignor. Personal delivery is also possible.

Upon receipt at Art-Puzz, the project part is photographed and inserted into the online gallery, including the personal information provided by the designer and the desired link. In addition, the other project parts are created (see design specifications).

3 c: Final return
Only now does the whole go back to the participant, and remains his property, with the simple right of use mentioned in point 2a.

Refund/ Delay
4 a: Refund
If the design rules are not adhered to, the project part is damaged or lost by transport, a refund of 100, - € is possible.

4 b: Termination
The same applies to a failure due to illness or delay. This means that the participant also loses his position in the project as well as all associated rights.
If desired, he can re-enter a second time.

Online gallery and link
The finished part of the project will be included in the online gallery, which is an essential part of the project Art-Puzz. Among the domains; (.de / .net).
Includes short information of the participant; Name, short personal CV.

The project part itself is linked, the link is to be defined by the participant, explicitly excluded are criminal and political / religious-radical online contents.

(Only simple presence, no shop system, additional costs after personal consultation / negotiation). An own web presence would be expected and meaningful in the context.
If this does not exist, you can also create your own (sub) online gallery*, external contract component.

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