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Be part.
(german word is "Teilnahme" in our menue above, the other points there you may understand)
Because this artproject have to conform to certain requirements its not expedient to allow total openess. This means, im sorry and i hope for your understanding, that not everyone, who is a little bit creative, can share this project.

Welcome are artists who already has experience, but also promising newcomers, if they previously prove it. JPG and PDF formats by email are accepted. Graphic artists, illustrators, painters and art-related artists are cordially invited.
The introductory contribution * of 175, - € is to be paid once and in advance.
The return to Art-Puzz pays the member, please use UPS including return note, since the liability cover is sufficiently high. Additional delivery costs outside the EU are not covered.

Why participate?
Good question, in short; The charming novelty of this endless art project called Art-Puzz is a union of old craftsmanship and new media.
The latter offer now better possibilities to become widely known.
The actress should also motivate, because after all, we are creating a completely new work of art, on AND offline, which is intended to encourage the collectors.

The process.
1. The affectionate member purchase a puzzlepiece, material is MDF (medium density fiberboard) Maße: (25.98 Inch W+H - 0,39 Inch D). Both-sided white coated.

This is deliver with painted black lines from the borders (up to 0,78 inch/ 2 cm), which will be continue and absorb in the artwork of the new framer. Thereby, we become at the same time a passage to the adjoining pieces and a copy protection.

Hereon based one of only two major design-rule, the framer does not draw at the edge of the piece, he should left in a range from 0,39 inch (1 cm) a border space freely!

Only one black line on every Side of the piece had to go at the borders to enable the passage for the next artist. Form is free.(see pict. below= 1*)

2. If you accept this little obligations, please unpack your painting tools and go ahead. Unfortunately it can not work without this short rules, but this are all guidelines who touch the design. In form and content you are total free and, if yourself will take the brush. But in case of your disability it is also possible, to delegate it as a employer.

And now we come to the esprit of this endless project named Art-Puzz, it will produce a union by one of the oldest craftwork and the indispensable new media, which effect to get well-knwon these days.

3. After finishing your puzzle-part you transmit it back to me, to enable me

  • a: continue the lines on the next puzzle-piece
  • b: ...photograf enable to shoot a picture
  • at least it will be integrate in the previously introduced interactive online gallery.

The member had to declare the link-target from his piece into the web.
Afterwards we send it back to you, than its YOUR property, free for private

Other rights, which causes on the common handling and related the resale, online rules and terms of expositions, you can find on legal bases.
If you read and accept them, please send the PDF subscribed back before we start the journey together.

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