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Custumized Art-Puzz Sets

For customers who want to order an individual Art-Puzz Set:
They can be ordered in different shapes and colors.
Pre-design of the parts, or according to your specification. Manufacturing by hand or by CNC milling machine, depending
on the scope and complexity.
Possible material: MDF (wood fiber board) and plastic, cast mass.
Distribution / quantity: Whether only 3 pieces in row, 
or 12 in the rectangle, each with closing edges. A lot is possible. Ask for.
Pict. below: the Beatles, Airbrush + Mixed technic, B+W
Motifs of all types: Family, Favorite Band*, Sportidole and so on
Whether with prints, painted or collage, depending on your own financial possibility.

Suitable for:
Gift idea
company presentation
Room design
Or own works

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